Touring as Ms. Wheelchair South Carolina 2011-2012


“I didn’t lose my ability to smile … or my ability to have dreams. It just takes a different strategy”

Julia Rodes, Ms. Wheelchair South Carolina


A few months after my accident, I was ready to leave the rehabilitation hospital and go home to start the fall semester of my junior year. When I told my fellow patients that I was leaving to get back to college and living again, they were shocked. “I’m not leaving until I can walk” was the response I got. Yet walking was never going to be a possibility for most of us there, including me. That fall I was the only one to go back to college and that broke my heart. So I ran for Ms. Wheelchair South Carolina and won the crown so I could tour the southeast United States to advocate for disabled persons to be able to truly live again.

Interview with ABC Columbia, South Carolina

“Ms. Wheelchair South Carolina Julia Rodes shares her story” South Carolina Spinal Care News

“Ms. Wheelchair SC promotes Disabilities Awareness” University of South Carolina Dateline

“Homecoming: Community, Attitude help crash victim”  United States Army Fort Jackson

“Miss Wheelchair South Carolina” on Tuesday Talk with Alex

As I toured with the South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association , I spoke to rehabilitation students with the University of South Carolina Medical School, peer support groups around the southeast US and was featured for SCSCIA on “Beauty and the Bike”

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